Providing a bridge between
Gamers, Game creators and digital currency.

For Gamers

Coinstore provides an online wallet where you can store your digital currency, receive coins and make payments.
It also provides a growing arcade of games for your enjoyment.

For Game creators

The Coinstore arcade provides a ready showcase for the display of your creations, and an opportunity to present your games to an enthusiastic community. Additionally the site offers an API that allows you to incorporate into your game the facility to make and receive payments in multiple digital currencies in a simple but secure manner. The API is freely available within the Store and contains a number of examples on usage. It has been written a manner that allows additional functions to be easily added so if the function you require is not there then please contact oldangrey on the coin2 bitcointalk forum - Click Here

For Busy Gamers Professional & Enthusiasts Alike

Coinstore, its wallet and arcade are all brilliant ways to spend and store your valuble Bitcoins. However, obtaining this precious cryptocurrency in the first place can be a challenge particularly for the Gaming professional or enthusiast who is probably spending a large chunk of their time participating in the gaming world. Rest assured there are several automated Bitcoin Trader software programmes out there that can yield impressive returns from a modest initial investment. To learn more and see how you can generate crypto whilst saving time enjoying your gaming click the link and find out more. We must stress, before embarking on utilising an automated crypto trader we would highly recommend you do your research, read external objective reviews and start with a small or the mimimum deposit amount.

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